Broadcast Licensing

Getting a licence to broadcast recorded music or music videos is simple. We make it easy with a range of options that cover you for most recordings commercially released in Australia.

Broadcasters who we can licence include:

  1. radio broadcasters (commercial, ABC, community, narrowcasters, subscription radio and others providing radio services to the public);
  2. free-to-air television broadcasters (including commercial television stations, ABC and community stations);
  3. subscription television broadcasters (pay TV, IPTV); and
  4. all other holders of class licences under the Broadcasting Services Act.

See Music Video Broadcast Licences

Industry Agreements

To make things easier, we’ve negotiated industry agreements for certain broadcast sectors. If you’re a member of an industry association where such an industry deal exists, you can make use of the industry-based agreement.

Examples of such industry associations are:

1.     Free TV Australia, formerly Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations (FACTS) – for commercial free-to-air television broadcasters;

2.     Commercial Radio , formerly Federation of Australian Radio Broadcasters  (Commercial Radio) – for free-to-air radio broadcasters;

3.     Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) – for community radio broadcasters.

You’re not obliged to use an industry-based agreement. You can negotiate a separate licence with either PPCA or the copyright holders. If you’re not a member of one of the industry associations, you need to negotiate a licence agreement directly with PPCA or the relevant copyright holders.  You should contact your relevant industry association for information on the terms and conditions of the industry schemes.

How Do I Apply for a Broadcast Licence?

To apply for a broadcast licence, or to change any of your licence details or have it re-assessed, please email

Music Video Broadcast Licences

PPCA now offers two new flexible licences for music video broadcasting by either free to air TV or music video channels on pay TV.

PPCA understands that broadcasters may already have direct licensing agreements with many major record labels and some notable independent labels to play the latest music videos on their television channels. 

To simplify the process of approaching each copyright owner and to provide broadcasters with a broader scope of available music videos, PPCA offers blanket licenses to cover a wide range of copyright protected music videos.  The licence allows broadcasters to broadcast all music videos owned or controlled in Australia by the 1,100+ record labels (majors and independents) that PPCA counts among its licensors. Under the licence broadcasters will pay PPCA a single quarterly licence fee payment which is adjustable to take into account broadcasters’ existing agreements with labels and other copyright owners.

Broadcasters will only pay for those videos within the PPCA repertoire that are not covered by their direct licensing arrangements.
E.g. if 70% of the videos played on air are covered under direct licensing agreements with record labels, the PPCA fee will represent the remaining 30%.

Under the flexible licensing scheme, PPCA can now connect broadcasters to more independent artists and a larger repertoire of music videos.

How Do I Apply for a Music Video Broadcast Licence?

To apply for a broadcast licence, or to change any of your licence details or have it re-assessed, please email

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Digital Licences for Broadcasters

If you are a television or radio broadcaster, PPCA has a range of digital licences for your online activities.  See webcasting for more information.