Webcast Licensing

If you operate a service that streams sound recordings online, then you will need a Webcasting Licence. Webcasting involves two exclusive rights of copyright owners: the reproduction of the sound recording for the purpose of creating the webcast program and the communication of those sound recordings over the internet. The PPCA webcasting licence covers both these activities. The blanket webcasting licences apply to sound recordings controlled by PPCA's licensors.

Types of PPCA Webcasting Licences 

Non-interactive Streaming Licence

This licence is for audio webcasters who offer users a linear non-interactive streaming service,(e.g. an "internet radio" service). Non-interactive streaming excludes elements which permit users to control what content is played or when the content is played. For example it excludes the ability to select content or pause, fast forward or skip content.


Non-Interactive Streaming Licences are available to webcasters based in Australia.


If you are a background music provider that streams its music service into premises, then please contact PPCA so that we can discuss your licensing requirements.

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Semi-Interactive/Customised Streaming Licence
This licence is for audio webcasting services where users can control the content that is played by selecting particular genres, expressing preferences for particular artists, or pausing or skipping the content. The licence does not allow users to select a particular track, as part of an “on-demand” service. If you wish to offer “on-demand” webcasting services, you will need to seek a licence directly from the respective copyright holders of the tracks that you would like to stream.
Semi-Interactive/Customised Streaming Licences are available to webcasters based in Australia, with users who are based in Australia. In certain specific circumstances, PPCA may also be able to issue a licence to semi-interactive webcasters based in Australia who also wish to make their webcasting service available in any of the territories listed in the listed in the Territories Schedule.
Please note that certain repertoire exclusions apply to this licence.


Background Music on Websites Licence
If you want to use sound recordings as background music on your website, PPCA can offer a licence which permits you to use between 10 to 15 sound recordings from different artists on a random loop on your website. Please note that this licence does not allow you to synchronise sound recordings with any videos that you may upload to your website or to associate any particular sound recording with any particular webpage, product or service.


How Do I Apply for a Webcasting Licence?

To apply for a webcasting licence, or to change any of your licence details or have it re-assessed, please fill out and return this Webcasting Application Form.

Where Can I Find More information about PPCA’s Webcasting Licences?

If you have questions about any of PPCA's Webcasting Licences, please email your query to business.affairs@ppca.com.au including the following details:

  • the type of Webcasting Licence you are enquiring about (i.e Non-Interactive Streaming Licence, Semi-Interactive Streaming Licence or a Background Music on Websites Licence);
  • a description of your proposed service; and
  • if you intend to derive any revenue from your proposed service. 

Digital Licence for Broadcasters and Subscription Video Services

PPCA has a range of digital licences for radio and television broadcasters. The licences are available to broadcasters based in Australia who hold a valid PPCA broadcast licence, and who wish to communicate their programs to online users. This includes a licence for “catch up” viewing/listening or podcasting.

These licences are available to Australian broadcasters with users who are based in Australia.   In certain specific circumstances, PPCA may also be able to issue a licence to broadcasters who wish to make the programs available to users in the territories listed in the Territories Schedule.

PPCA also has a licence available for subscription video streaming services that provides on-demand film and television content within Australia. The PPCA licence covers the communication of sound recordings embodied within the content that is made available via these services.

These blanket licences apply to sound recordings controlled by PPCA licensors. See a current list of licensors and their labels which are covered by the PPCA blanket licence.

How Do I Apply for a Digital Licence or where can I find more information?

Please email business.affairs@ppca.com.au.